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800 865-0726

Sunday Cool Tees is all about offering the softest water based screen printing on the softest t-shirts available. Whether you work with youth ministry or you are a children's pastor, we would love to create custom t-shirts for your group..




Sometimes you just need a lil’ bit of help. That’s what we’re here for! Let us serve you in the most remarkable way!

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions please allow us to serve you directly by hitting the Live Chat below or emailing us here


Art & Design

Have a design you want printed? Need some artwork done for your groups retreat? Awesome! See if any of the information below can help you out!


Can you create a custom design for my T-shirts?

Duh! It’s kind of what we do best. You can have a quick consultation with one of our talented artists and we will create something totally unique for your group.

Who does the artwork? Santa?

That’s silly! We’ve got a super duper awesome staff of artist in-house who are really shy but let their artistic voices speak for themselves. Click here to find out how to order art.

We already have a design that we’d like to print. What are the best file type to send?

We have various types of files that we can accept for printing and are as follows:

These are the best files for us to use to print your awesome design. We will need to review the artwork to make sure that it falls within our printing specifications. If the files do not meet our standards for printing, we could advise you on how to prep the file or set the file up to our print standards which may or may not require an art charge.

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)

  • Encapsulated Post Scripts (.eps)

  • Adobe PDF files (.pdf)

Other acceptable file types:

These file types are acceptable and might need to be recreated depending on the quality of the image in the file. If the files do not meet our standards for printing, we could advise you on how to prep the file or set the file up to our print standards which may or may not require an art charge.

  • .png

  • .jpg

  • .gif

How many colors can I have in my design?

The maximum amount of colors that can be printed in certain locations are as follows:

  • Front and back locations: Up to 6 inks

  • Left/Right Crest (over the breastplate): Up to 6 inks

  • Sleeve Prints: Up to 3 inks

  • Locker Tags: Up to 3 inks

My youth group student drew a dancing sloth on a napkin. Can we use that as an idea for our design?

We totally can! Our art staff is lined up with some of the most talented artist we could find! They all have their own specific style and voice to create your awesome design.

I love this custom artwork so much. Can I have it to use in our church powerpoint/video presentations, flyers, banners or signage?

You betcha. The artwork is yours to be used in any form or fashion for promotional purposes, but we hold ALL the rights to print your design on apparel. Clients sometimes want the design files so they can go to their local printer and have them print it but we’ve got everything you need for your apparel needs! It just makes sense to go with us. If you need to, you could purchase the design and the rights outright to use for apparel printing for a fee.

Why does the ink look faded on my tee mockup?

The water-based/discharge printing technique we use sometimes doesn’t print inks with 100% vibrancy; we call that our “vintage look”. For more information on which colors print with 100% vibrancy please see our discharge rate guide.

How large can I print on the tee?

The maximum print size for your design depends on the garment size that you order. Please read below for our printing specifications.

  • Adult sized shirts: 12.5”w x 16”h

  • Youth sized shirts: 10”w x 12”h

  • Pull over hoodies: 10.5”W x 10”h

  • Sleeve (Long sleeved shirts) 10”w x 3".5”h

Why is the artwork so small on my adult tees?

If you are ordering adult and youth tees, you will need to meet the minimum of 24 shirts for adult and 24 shirts for youth in order to have 2 separate design set ups. If you do not meet the minimum for your order collectively, we typically use one set-up to save on cost. One set-up means we will need to create the design to the max print size for the smallest shirt ordered.

I left a note on the proof for a revision. When can I expect to see a new mockup?

Revisions will be completed within 36 hours.


How do I order?

All you have to do is fill out an order/quote form on our site which can be found here. After that, a sales rep will get with you lickety-split with all the info you need to get this process started.

Can I reorder just a few more tees if I need them?

Reorders must fall under our minimums (12 pieces for DTG and 36 pieces for screen printing) because they are treated like a brand new order in our production facility. Ask your Project Advisor about adding on to your order or reordering for more info.

Can I see what the tee will look like before it prints?

ABSOLUTELY! We require you to approve of your quote before getting started on your artwork so that we know you agree with the terms of your order. Once your quote is approved, we will send you a proof of your artwork that must be approved before printing. You will be able to see ink colors used, dimensions of the artwork, T-shirt color, and apparel. We will need your approval on the mockup before we print. *Please note: your print may vary slightly from the mockup.*

Why are youth and adult sizes placed on different invoices?

When there are two set ups for youth and adult shirts, the sizing is set up as two different orders for production as they have different sized screens for your artwork.

Can I add just a few youth smalls to my adult order?

If you order youth sizes with adult sizes artwork , the print does not fit correctly on the garment and will not print to our standards. (A real bummer-we know) Let your advisor know ahead of time if you plan on ordering youth sizes so that they can help find the best solution.

What’s your largest size?

That depends on the apparel. Most go up to 2XL, but some go to 5XL. Ask you project advisor for more information!


How do I ship?

There are hundreds of ways to get your shirts to you - train, boat, plane, car, drone, carrier pigeon…you name it! We want to provide you with the best method for the best price. Talk with your Project Advisor and they will work with you to figure out the best method of shipping to get your tees to you on time!

How long does it take to get my tees?

Once your T-shirt mockup is approved (this lets us know what to print), we print and ship your order with 72 hours from our facility in sunny Florida. Ask your project advisor about shipping times to your state.

How long do WOOTHOOPS take to arrive?

WOOTHOOPS take 14 days to ship after mockup approval with the occasional delay for holidays. Woot Woot!


What is your turnaround time?

Your order is printed and shipped within 72 hours of your mock up approval.

What is the difference between plastisol and water-based/discharged inks?

Plastisol inks feel just like they sound - plasticky. The ink sits on top of the garment. It retains moisture and cracks over time; we’re sure you’ve got a couple of shirts that this has happened to before. Water-based/discharged ink “bleaches” and dyes the actual fibers of the shirt to the colors in your design. It is 100% comfy and breathable and only gets softer over time.

How many colors can I have in my design?

The maximum amount of colors that can be printed in certain locations are as follows:

  • Front and back locations: Up to 6 inks

  • Left/Right Crest (over the breastplate): Up to 6 inks

  • Sleeve Prints: Up to 3 inks

  • Locker Tags: Up to 3 inks

    On what parts of the T-shirt can I print a design on?

We can print on the front, back, sleeve, locker tag, and hips with specific dimensions and restrictions for each print location



Why do you charge screen set up?

Each time we set up a job, we have to burn, set up, and reclaim every color in the design.

Why do you charge for screens on a reorder?

Once an order gets shipped out, we recycle our screens to be as economical as possible. When you place a reorder, we then have to re-burn the screens as if it was a new order.

Why do you charge to set up artwork if I supplied it?

When we charge for artwork, our artists mock up your artwork which includes them breaking down elements or colors in your design and prepare them for print.

What is the cost difference between the 100% ring-spun cotton and the 50/50 blend?

There is no price difference in our signature 50/50 blend and most brands of 100% ring-spun cotton tees. Woo hoo!

Who do I reach out to for shipping/pricing/payments?

You can speak to any of our awesome Project Advisors who will help you the whole way through your order from pricing, artwork and shipping! They may even have a funny (or not so funny) joke to tell you! Call us today!