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2095 Bay Road
Mount Dora, FL, 32757
United States

800 865-0726

Sunday Cool Tees is all about offering the softest water based screen printing on the softest t-shirts available. Whether you work with youth ministry or you are a children's pastor, we would love to create custom t-shirts for your group..

Meet the Team Making Christian T-Shirt Design Magic

Meet the team that takes Christian t-shirt designs and transforms them into wearable art. Each day, we strive to provide remarkable service to you.


We do our best to deliver a T-shirt so soft and comfy that you’ll never want to take it off. To do that, we have to believe that we’re a team built on service and provide you with the most remarkable experience you’ll ever have.

Meet the crew that brings it to you. Hey! That rhymes!


Team Captains

George Washington, Joe Montana, Optimus Prime: these guys are synonymous with the greatest leaders out there. They guide the team to give their best for our clients and get us to gold every time.

Christian T Shirt Design



Mr. President

A picture says a thousand words doesn't it? This picture says either "Should I get fries with that?" or he's doing long division in his head.

Steve has been serving the church for over 20 years and is the creative brains behind this outfit. 

Christian T Shirt Design



Jeff puts the COO in Cool. He is our Chief Operating Officer and loves to crunch numbers. In his past life he was an executive with SunTrust, but has now decided to strategically take Sunday Cool to a new level.

His other past life was a pirate sailing the seven seas. Yargh Matey!

Christian T Shirt Design


Operations Director

Chris is the king of logistics, planning, and resourcing. He makes sure we have what we need to get your super-soft shirts printed and out the door. 

He loves telling a really great dad joke once in a while to keep us laughing out loud. 

Project Advisors

Introducing our starting line up. Our project advisors are the best in the biz. You need T-shirts but don't know where to start? Start with them, and they'll get you to the finish line.

Christian T Shirt Design



Sales Manager

She’s been helping groups get the best custom T-shirts since 2005! She knows the ins and outs of every shirt known to man. We give her two thumbs up for a job well done!

Christian T Shirt Design


Project Advisor

Matt is great at helping clients by giving the best advice on ordering apparel, discussing custom design details, and doing anything to make them happy.

Secret super power: Pranking himself. A lot.


Project Advisor

"Hey mon! This is John. What’s going on? Do you need something drawn? ” and other such rhymes you will hear when John becomes your project advisor extraordinaire.

Check with John for all of your apparel, pricing, and Star Wars questions.



Project Advisor

The King of Extreme. That was his stage name from the ages of 5-7 when he seriously thought he'd be a wrestler when he grew up. By the time he was 8 he realized that serving our clients by getting them into the bestest, softest, comfiest T-shirts you'd ever want to wear would be his true extreme calling. 



Project Advisor

You're in good, nay, GREAT hands with Jill. She works non-stop 'round the clock to get your group geared up in our super soft tees.

Fun Fact: In middle school Jill once played the part of Sleeping Beauty; a high school musical. Check out that talent!



Project Coordinator

Have you ever seen those kids that can solve a rubix cube in under three minutes?

That’s like Anna with your order. She organizes your apparel needs with expert knowledge, ninja like precision, a smile any mother would love and an incredible thirst for Coca-cola. Also, Pepsi's fine.

Jennifer 2.png


Project Coordinator

In a complicated world where “tall” now means “small” and Chik-Fil-A’s are closed on the only day that you really crave a chicken sandwich, Jennifer simplifies it all.

She can point you in the right direction if you've ever lost anything, which sometimes might be right under your nose.

Production Team

These guys set things up and knock them out of the park all in the same day. They’re the wheels of this organization; they burn rubber to get your order shipped to you in 72-hours so that you can get clothed in the softest T-shirts known to man.

How do you say “Thank you for a job well done”? With a box of donuts. Send donuts here>>

Christian T Shirt Design


Art/Production Schedule Master

He sets the pace for the day and boy is that pace fast. He was born in a screen printing shop facility, so it's no wonder Taylor's got everything down pat to make sure your T-shirts get printed on time.

Christian T Shirt Design


Fashion Expert

The man with many questions but few answers. Quashawn grew up in the fashion district of southern Germany, where for the first 20 years of his life he studied the ins and outs of fashion. Now he's here at Sunday Cool to help guide our quest on finding the perfect tee (the unicorn of all tees).

Christian T Shirt Design



Director of WOW

We’re just as surprised as you are. This guy's great! His number one role is to make sure that you’re wowed with your order and everything we did to get it to you. His number two role is to go around the office and get everyone’s lunch order.

Christian T Shirt Design


Press Operator

Angel's eyes aren't the only thing mesmerizing about him. Watching him on the press is like watching Flash Gordon run around the earth 11 times.

Christian T Shirt Design




Josh has been around the screen printing business his whole life. He is an amazing woodworker and that gives him an extra dose of attention to detail. He is in charge of Quality Control and will personally package every order that leaves the shop. Oh yeah, and his twin brother is Carll.

Christian T Shirt Design




Kassie's got a heart of gold and hands of steel. She needs them so she doesn't burn her hands catching your T-shirts that are literally hot off the press.

Fun Fact #5223 Kassie is the National, Regional and Local Staring Competition Champion 4 years in a row.

Christian T Shirt Design

Conservative Carll

Officially the Un-official Sunday Cool Spokesperson

Carll is a man of many words. He is a self-described expert at practically everything. He thinks of himself as "a master of all trades, and jack of none."  

See Carll in action >>.

Christian T Shirt Design


Press Operator

When it comes to country, Adam has got you covered. He is Hank Williams Jr.'s number one fan and enjoys a good square dance every now and then.

His hard work ethic is untouchable, and he works his heart out to produce the very best product he can.




Connor's got one of the dirtiest, grimiest, labor intesive jobs. Cleaning screens and squeegees full of ink. That's what happens when you draw the short straw.

He's also working his way up to being a full time hair model for the fanciest shampoo in all the land.





You know that thing where you open your Sunday Cool box and you see your beautifully printed, beautifully packaged super soft tees? Yeah. That was this guy. And if it were possible to mail a high-five, he'd throw that in the box, too.

His hidden talent is calling for pizza with his eyes closed using an imaginary phone. Pretty ah-maze-ing if you ask us!



Press Operator

He may look like he’s saying “What are hands?” but he’s actually saying “What are hands for if not for printing the coolest, softest tee shirts?” Tees are love. Tees are life.


Art Team

These guys were born with imagination beyond anything we've ever seen. They're responsible for conjuring (yup, big word!) up your custom Christian t-shirt designs and more. Some call them wizards, some call them artistic geniuses. We call them to tell them to stop leaving their art supplies all over the place.

Christian T Shirt Design


Art Coordinator

This is the face of disappointment when someone takes the last donut!

Megan's got the chops to orchestrate and coordinate when, where, and how art gets done in the timeliest of manner to make sure they're printed on the softest of shirts. All day, every day. 

Christian T Shirt Design


Art Director

Not only has he been in this industry for 10 years designing shirts for youth groups and organizations, he's also been hiding and on the run from the FBI just as long. We'd call them and turn him in but the reward money was only $10.



Senior Artist

Chad's a dad who's jokes are not bad and he's pretty rad and doesn't ever wear plaid! Yup, that's Chad!

You know when your student says, “Hey pastor! I want a shirt with a goat riding a motorcycle in Haiti!” Chad can make that happen. Anything your youth can dream up, Chad can illustrate. But maybe don’t give the kids full reign.



Staff Artist

Kendall's the in-house yapper, she'll talk about anything and everything! You wouldn't believe how long she talked about those shoe's that she got on sale at some store using some coupon code to get 60% off with free shipping.

In between all those stories, she also helps design your crazy awesome art for your super soft T-shirts.



Dog of all trades

Julep maintains a perfect track record of obtaining tummy rubs, giving slobbers, and finding just the right sun spot to soak up all the Florida sun.

Regardless of not being too great on the phone, Julep is still a star team member. *snoot boop*


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