Shipping & Transit Times

Shipping & Transit Times

We here at Sunday Cool pride ourselves on a remarkable buying experience and product. This dedication extends into our shipping process. Our Project Advisor and Sunday Cool Concierge teams focus on shipping transit times in tandem with your must-have date to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Sunday Cool primarily uses FedEx as a carrier service. However, we also can ship UPS should you prefer. Just ask your Project Advisor or one of our Sunday Cool Concierge members to help facilitate the switch from FedEx to UPS on your order!

Transit Time

We check the zip address for each order to ensure we are budgeting enough time for you to receive your shirts. Below, you’ll find a rough layout of transit times departing from Sunday Cool HQ in sunny Tavares, FL. Note that your zip code gives the MOST accurate timeframe:

Express Shipping

We are known for our remarkably fast service. We offer a 72-hour turnaround after art approval & sizes in, and then we ship! Consider also that we can extend express shipping should you need your shirts by a specific date your ground transit time does not allow. Below are some options we regularly use!

  • Express (3 days)
  • 2 Day Air
  • Next Day Air
  • Priority Overnight (delivered by noon, only available to some zips)

Each of those express services exists at different prices. Be sure to ask one of our Sunday Cool Concierge members for a quote on shipping! You’ll need to know how many garments you plan to order for the box count. 

Residential Shipping

One of our Sales members may advise you to opt for residential shipping on your order. This is due to the priority Fedex puts on residential shipping. For one, FedEx drivers, in most cases, will not deliver to a business Friday-Sunday, EVEN IF YOU’RE THERE. Residential shipping allows drivers to deliver from Tuesday-Sunday. This means if you’re in a pinch to make a weekend event, you’ll likely want to opt for residential shipping!

All we need from you is a home address, and you’re set!


One of the major opportunities for changes in transit time is holidays. Below are the dates that FedEx halts operation:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Day Before Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • New Year’s Day

No need to remember that! We account for these dates in our system when you place an order with us. 

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New Portal Login

Hey fam!

First time logging into the new Sunday Cool portal? Have no fear!

Our new system is easy-peasy, no need to remember your password or bookmark the login page, you can now access your Sunday Cool Dashboard from anywhere on To get started, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in

In the top right corner of any Sunday Cool webpage, click "LOG IN"

Step 2: Get your "magic code"

Enter your email address associated with your Sunday Cool account and click "SEND MY MAGIC CODE."

Step 3: Copy + paste magic code

Check your inbox for your 6-digit code. Simply highlight the magic code, copy, and paste back in your Sunday Cool browser.

To highlight the 6-digit code, simply click your mouse or tap your finger at the start of the first number, then drag across it to cover all 6 digits. It should change color to show it's selected.

Once the digits are highlighted, you'll copy it. On a computer, you can right-click on the highlighted digits and select "Copy" from the menu that pops up. On a phone or tablet, you might tap and hold the highlighted digits until a menu appears, then choose "Copy".

Step 4: Confirm log in

Paste your 6-digit code, and hit "CONFIRM & LOGIN"

To paste, right-click again on a computer and select "Paste" from the menu. On a phone or tablet, you tap and hold again and select "Paste" from the menu that pops up.

And that's it! Your Sunday Cool dashboard awaits! To learn more about the features of your Sunday Cool Dashboard, CLICK HERE

Introducing Heather Tan & Heather Sage

You asked, and we listened!

We're thrilled to introduce the latest additions to our super-soft t-shirt lineup. Meet Heather Tan & Heather Sage, two brand-spanking-new neutral tones that are about to become your group's new favorite T-shirt! AVAILABLE IN OUR 72-HOUR TURNAROUND TIME!

Bold Prints, Bold Statements

These new tees offer the same super-soft feel you know and love, with the added bonus of bright and vibrant printing. Perfect for designs that require bold and dynamic colors to stand out; we love pairing them with our classic Super-Soft Ink, or Sun Reveal Ink for the summer!

Size Options

Heather Tan & Heather Sage will be available in a range of sizes from Youth S - XL and Adult S - XXL, with a comparable in-house option for Adult XS, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.

Start Your Summer Order Now

Orders, including Heather Tan and Heather Sage, will start printing on Wednesday, May 1st, but why wait?! Contact your Project Advisor or start a quote today to get these brand-new colors just in time for Summer!

Start Your Summer Order Today

A Guide to Understanding Waterbased Print Results

When it comes to printing on our Super-Soft T-shirts, understanding ink discharges is key to achieving the perfect print. In this guide, we'll explore the characteristics of Vibrant and Vintage ink discharges and how they can impact your designs.

Vibrant Prints:

Vibrant Prints are characterized by bright and bold colors that truly pop on the shirt. All ink colors printed on shirt colors labeled "Vibrant" produce a vivid and eye-catching print. These prints are perfect for designs that require bold and dynamic colors to stand out.

Vibrant Print Colors not shown: Heather Denim

Not as Vibrant Prints (Vintage):

Not as Vibrant Prints, also known as Vintage prints, offer a faded and muted look. Bright ink colors or any ink color lighter than the apparel colors labeled Vintage result in a less vibrant appearance. For example, yellow ink may appear green on certain shirt colors. Despite the muted tones, Vintage prints can add a unique and nostalgic touch to your designs.

Vintage Print Colors not shown: Heather Graphite, Heather Burgundy

Achieving the Vintage Look & Feel:

To achieve the Vintage Look & Feel, we offer two options. Firstly, printing your design using a single-color ink such as white can create a vintage or "my-favorite-tee" aesthetic. Alternatively, using a darker colored ink like navy or black on apparel colors that do not print bright and bold can also achieve this look. These options provide flexibility in achieving the desired appearance for your designs.

Understanding the characteristics of Vibrant and Vintage ink discharges is essential for achieving the desired print results on our super-soft T-shirts. Whether you opt for bold and dynamic colors or prefer a nostalgic vintage look, our printing options offer versatility to bring your designs to life!