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2095 Bay Road
Mount Dora, FL, 32757
United States

800 865-0726

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Sunday Cool - Creators of Custom Christian T-Shirts

Sunday Cool creates faith-based, super-soft, custom Christian shirt designs. We serve churches across America with 72-hour turnaround time. Upload your design today!

What we do.

It's pretty simple.

1.  We take some super soft tees

2. We put some art on it (yours or ours)

3.  We print using our "no-feel" water-base ink

4.  We ship the tees lickity split (aka ridiculously fast)



We've got some of the softest tee's around. Seriously. You put one of our super soft tee's on and it's immediately on you day and night. So what if it smells a lil bit after wearing it for a whole week. It's only a little bit right? 

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Armed with an arsenal of drawing pens, scraps of paper for sketching, inspirations boards full to the max, the sounds of these artist clicking their mouses all day is music to our ears; and ridiculously creative art on your shirts.

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Cups, pens, hats, frisbee's, fling-flangs and zip-zorps, you want it, we can get it. We can brand pretty much every item under the sun. You know your group name looks so good on that pen that everyone keeps stealing.


Our woothoops are the newest & best bracelet on the market, made of soft-woven elastic. With the ability to be fully customizable with unlimited colors. You can't wear your shirt every day they way you can with these.

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We're Fast

Your shirts print 72 hours after approval. That's pretty ridiculous.

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Fast turnarounds means fast delivery. We get them to you as quickly as possible.

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